Rules and regulations.

1. Cottages are available for rent at the reception office. Tenants may check in only with a valid id, e.i. passport or national identity card and with an agreement of payment. Deposit of an id document and/or financial deposit may be required.

2. It is allowed for the cottages to be occupied by registered tenants, tenants are responsible for every 3rd person present in the cottage. Presence of guests is allowed between 6 a.m. and 10p.m. The person registered as the main tenant will be held responsible for every structural damage and breach of peace caused by tenants and their guests.

3. It is not allowed to listen to loud music and/or disturb other resort's tenants after during quite hours - 10p.m. until 6a.m.

4. Tenancy registration transfer is possible only in writing and with the staff member responsible.

5. The main tenant is chargeable for damage caused to the cottage and its furnishing and loss of cottage equipement caused by tenats and their guests. Full list of charges is available at the reception office.

6. The resort is not responsible for a loss of money and any other valuables left at/inside cottages and in the resort's area.

7. It is not allowed to use gas cookers and any other appliances causing fire hazard. Tenants are obliged to follow fire safety regulations: - it is not allowed to dispose of matches and cigarette butts into rubish bins - it is not allowed to smoke cigarettes/pipes while in bed - in case of fire tenants must inform the staff immediately - tenants are obliged to know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher - it is not allowed to store flammable liquids inside cottages

8. Prior to leaving the cottage tenants are obliged to make sure that water taps are turned off, lights are off, windows are shut and that there is no fire.

9. Prior to leaving the cottage at the end of the stay, the main tenant is obliged to report to the reception office after which the cottage is inspected and the keys are returned to a staff member.

10. Pets are allowed, owners are obliged to let the staff know about their presence while checking in. Pets should be kept in a way that causes no danger nor disturbance to other tenants. Breach of peace caused by tenants' and/or guests' pets will be reported to security services.

11. It is free of charge to park 1 car next to each of the cottages. Parking every other car is chargeable according to the price list.

12. Prolonging the stay up until 8p.m. should be declared on the same day before midday. Charges apply.

13. The area of the resort is under staff members' and security surveillance.

QUIET HOURS 10p.m. - 6a.m.