Welcome to Zalesie Resort!

Welcome to Zalesie Resort! It is a beautiful place to spend a quality time in, located by a picturesque Chelmzynskie Lake, just twenty kilometers from the city of Toruń. The resort has undergone a dynamic re-development and provides a variety of amenities – access to sandy beaches with life guards, boat rental facilities, enchanting walking tracks and dressing stations. All of it, along with birds’ tweeting within dense treetops and shimmering waters of crystal clear lake, guarantee a tranquil relaxation.

Summer houses which we are offering are located in the very heart of this charming area. Each cottage is fitted with family bathroom w/shower cabin, a kitchenette, two double bedrooms and a lounge with a sofa – bed. This space easily accommodates either a family or a group of friends who are in for a good time. Morning birds’ singing and frolicking squirrels will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Since the establishing of our resort we have been the favourite choice of numerous Poles who live abroad and are visiting their families in Poland. We often host holiday makers from countries like Italy, Spain, England, Czech Rep., Holland and Germany. Many of them come back to visit us again, enthralled with Zalesie’s delightful ambience.

Our multilingual staff will be happy to communicate with you in English, Italian, Spanish and Polish as well as in German, Slovak and Czech language.

Prior to summer season we admit school groups from local municipality and beyond. Close to where they live and at a moderate cost, kids and teenagers have the great opportunity to spend unforgettable bonding time and enjoy participating in local gymnasium’s historic – ecological project. Another highlight is sightseeing and getting to know a rich heritage of the nearby city of Chelmza. Those tours are conducted by professional guides.

Our offer is also aimed at foreign families willing to adopt Polish kids. Spending a quality time together in child’s country of origin is a great way of getting to know each other better and bringing parents and their nearest n dearest even closer. Staying at Zalesie Resort creates a great opportunity for bonding while enjoying camping and lots of outdoor fun. Holidays spent in a summer house provide a remarkable foretaste of future family life both for parents and their little ones.

Also, the vicinity of cities of Torun, Chelmno and Chelmza renders a brilliant opportunity of discovering inherent beauty and heritage of our country.

See you in Zalesie!